Can anyone help me find out where I can get a fitted flyscreen for my balcony door? – I notice that there are several already fitted on the complex


Denise and Graham A11

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  1. vladimirandbistrab14 says:

    Hello Denise and Graham,

    You’re welcome. Have a nice trip.

  2. paula11 says:

    Hello Bistra

    Thank you so much for your help. We are doing a road trip from Sophia to the Complex at the end of April taking in some of the lovely Bulgarian scenery on the way and staying at Plovdiv and Slivern to do some exploring. We will contact the company that you suggest and see if we can arrange to have them fitted whilst we are are there ready for the hot summer.
    Thanks again, Denise and Graham

  3. vladimirandbistrab14 says:

    You can try Boriana22:
    The company has an office in Burgas.

    Bistra B14

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